Increasing Aspirations – Decreasing Offending

What Is Project Three Sixty?

Project Three Sixty works with people aged 16+ and aims to reduce offending. We focus on increasing self-esteem, self-awareness and positive mental health by engaging in positive activity whilst working towards the path of education, training or employment.

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, January 2020 sees SeeJobGroup launch Project Three Sixty. Partnering with Essex Police and Southend On Sea Borough Council, the project is aimed at adults aged 16+ who have been through, or are at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

Criminal records can bring many challenges, including, long term unemployment, depression and anxiety, vulnerability and social exclusion, all of which can lead to a lack of confidence and motivation for change.

The projects aim is to address multiple barriers and change mind-set towards being successful.

Initial contact is made in custody and through a variety of pathways such as probation, Youth Offending Teams, Adolescent Intervention and Prevention Team (AIPT), The Community Safety Hub, offender management, JCP+ and other areas where an agency feels the service may benefit individuals.

Following initial contact there will be eight weeks of engagement followed by ongoing weekly coaching sessions.  The overall objective is to reduce reoffending, through coaching each individual and showing that there are alternative options that can lead to a more positive and safer lifestyle.

“Project Three Sixty takes a unique approach to each individual’s situation, we take the time to listen, understand and work restoratively together to build trusted relationships and coach each individual to move forward in a positive and supported way.”

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Another great meeting with @SouthendManorFC
supporting young people with opportunites to grow & excel in a healthy environment #project360 #reducingcrime @TNLComFund

I have just attended Inclusivity (in Sex Ed and Beyond) training,by @THTorguk , I highly recommend. Lewis the trainer is fantastic.
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Do you listen or hear when someone speaks, I love this talk

I love working with clients on their C.V. they never fail to undersell themselves.Let's take the role of a Kitchen Porter, simply put; service fails without you, quite the responsibility hey,just saying. #project360youth #knowyourworth #empoweringyoungpeople @TNLComFund @DCMS

Good morning all
I am looking for a basketball coach for one of my young people. Southend or surrounding area, any leads would be very welcome, thank you
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I love working in partnership with @doris_cares great achievements & it’s not even 9am! Thank you #workingtogether #empoweringyouth #support #project360youth