How we work

How we work

The Why

We believe there is always a reason why people end up in the situation they do

The How

We explore the why, we do not judge, we give people time and build trusted relationships to empower & raise aspiration

The What

We empower each person through one to one coaching and positive group activity to create change, want to refer?

We take a holistic approach; we work on mindset, health and fitness, employability and a creative outlet. Qualified coaches work with participants to break down barriers and set realistic goals that are supported every step of the way, in turn, empowering each individual to create positive change and increase confidence and self-esteem.

The 8-week course consists of the following activities:

  • Boxing fitness
  • Music production
  • One to one coaching
  • Spoken word workshops
  • Employability support, C.V.s, interviews, cover letters, disclosure letters, job searching strategy
  • Employer engagement
  • NHS health checks
  • Psychoeducation workshops

Ongoing support: After the initial eight-week course is complete, weekly coaching sessions are available for continued support.

Kingsley House
22-24 Elm Road
01234 567890

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I have just attended Inclusivity (in Sex Ed and Beyond) training,by @THTorguk , I highly recommend. Lewis the trainer is fantastic.
#inclusivity #usualising

Do you listen or hear when someone speaks, I love this talk

I love working with clients on their C.V. they never fail to undersell themselves.Let's take the role of a Kitchen Porter, simply put; service fails without you, quite the responsibility hey,just saying. #project360youth #knowyourworth #empoweringyoungpeople @TNLComFund @DCMS

Good morning all
I am looking for a basketball coach for one of my young people. Southend or surrounding area, any leads would be very welcome, thank you
#project360youth #empoweringyoungpeople

I love working in partnership with @doris_cares great achievements & it’s not even 9am! Thank you #workingtogether #empoweringyouth #support #project360youth

A day full of gratitude. Thanks to all the young people who feel comfortable enough to open up and share, I salute you.
#project360youth #listen #inspiration #empower #mentalhealth #communitiescan
@TNLComFund & @DCMS